[sg_popup id=”83″ event=”click”]Sugar Puppet Video[/sg_popup]
A Tale of Sugar Addiction. From the album Weave

[sg_popup id=”7311″ event=”click”]I Thought I Heard You Crying[/sg_popup]
The story of a father and son and the circle of life. From the album Special Days

[sg_popup id=”100″ event=”click”]Big Reel[/sg_popup]
Funny fishing video clips. From the album Weave

[sg_popup id=”101″ event=”click”]Ski With Me Tonight[/sg_popup]
Funny  video clips from the ski slopes. From the album Terasa

[sg_popup id=”102″ event=”click”]Cat Attack[/sg_popup]
Funny  video clips from the ski slopes. From the album Weave

[sg_popup id=”82″ event=”click”]Thank You James[/sg_popup]
A true story dedicated to the great James Taylor. From the album Weave

[sg_popup id=”3″ event=”click”]A Simple Love Song[/sg_popup]
Dedicated to Nemo’s Wife Federika. From the album The Minstrel

[sg_popup id=”2″ event=”click”]A Woman Unknown[/sg_popup]
Those who are homeless where not always that way. From the album The Minstrel

[sg_popup id=”8″ event=”click”]The Workhouse Child[/sg_popup]
Written in protest of child labour. From the album The Workhouse Child

[sg_popup id=”4″ event=”click”]These Walls[/sg_popup]
A song about Dubrovnik

[sg_popup id=”10″ event=”click”]Guitar Fiddling[/sg_popup]
Some acoustic guitar improvisation

[sg_popup id=”5″ event=”click”]Remember this day[/sg_popup]
Written for the wedding day of Nemo’s stepdaughter.

[sg_popup id=”6″ event=”click”]The Eagle and the Dove[/sg_popup]
Written for the wedding day of Nemo’s stepson.

[sg_popup id=”7″ event=”click”]The World is Full of Heroes[/sg_popup]
A song dedicated to and played at the funeral of Nemo’s father Jack Newark.


Live at the Kaboga Palace Dubrovnik

[sg_popup id=”86″ event=”click”]Moj Prijatelj[/sg_popup]
[sg_popup id=”43″ event=”click”]I Wonder[/sg_popup]
[sg_popup id=”44″ event=”click”]Pride[/sg_popup]
[sg_popup id=”45″ event=”click”]A Woman Unknown[/sg_popup]