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Bad Raven

From the Album  India

Bad raven looking for a place to land
Sees the world as food on demand
Strutting around like a king with a gun
He’s got a mate but looks after number one

He lives his life in the only way he knows
Trouble follows wherever he goes
If he comes at midnight, you better beware
Clever tricksters, working in pairs

Bad raven, bad raven

Bad raven, how he’d like to change
To be the good guy and it might seem strange
That in his heart he’s a robin at play
Doesn’t want to kill or steal but he does it anyway

Flying like an acrobat, playing catch with a twig
Guarding the tower, mimicking a pig
Looking down on crows with his beak in the air
When you least expect it, he’ll crap in your hair


The first line of this song was Sad Raven. Not knowing the first thing about ravens, I did some research, and it soon became clear that sad didn’t really fit the profile of your average raven. I was amazed at how clever and fun-loving they are so I set to work listing their characteristics