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Strange Happenings

From the album Special Days

Strange happenings at number 23
There’s a man thinks he’s a teapot
With a wife that don’t like tea
All day long they argue, in silence and in vain
But she says she wouldn’t trade him
For all the tea in Spain

Strange happenings at number 24
There’s a man who thought he was himself
But now he’s not so sure
He’s spent so long pretending to be who he was not
That now the things that mean the most
Are the things that he forgot

Strange happenings at number 25
There’s a woman sings like Dylan
Like she’s sitting on a knife
You’d think she was being murdered
But sadly no such luck
She knows too well it bothers us
But she don’t give a damn

Strange happenings at number 26
There’s a man that talks to onions
And tries to teach them tricks
The lack of a reaction doesn’t bother him
Now he’s thinking seriously of
Teaching them to swim

Strange happenings at number 27
There’s a man who thinks he’s Elvis
On a direct line to heaven
He knows that they’re all laughing but doesn’t really care
all he ever asks from life is to be your teddy bear


This song started with a riff that had a strange vibe to it. It triggered a flashback to a night fifty years earlier when I was watching a television play with my family. A husband and wife were arguing with each other when the wife shouted at her husband, saying he was mad. The husband got very angry. He put one hand on his hip and the other arm up, imitating a spout and handle and replied sarcastically, “Yes that’s right. Look at me, I’m a teapot.” My father burst out laughing, which made me feel happy, and for some strange reason, that scene has stuck in my mind and found its way into this strange song.