The Eagle and the Dove

There’s a full moon in a distant land
a young girl walks across the sand
dreaming of a love she’s never known
not far away a young man walks
escaping from the troubled thoughts
of another year spent alone

The night is finally over, it’s time to head for home
they jump onto a bus, and look around
their eyes meet for the first time, their lives begin again
everything is said without a sound


This day is perfect, it was always meant to be
since time began a path was laid to this your destiny
this love is magic we can see it in your eyes
the eagle and the dove,  fly off into the sky

When there’s someone special in your heart
it’s hard to be so far apart
but destiny was always on your side
and now from hard times you have come
another chapter has begun
together and with those whose lives you’ve tied

Take a look around you, at those you love so dear
we wish you every happiness and more
if fate was so determined to bring you here today
we know this love will last forever more

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