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Dreamer on the Run

Once he dreamt he was an eagle
With wings of steel and heart of gold
Once he dreamt he was a dove
With velvet touch that heals the troubled soul

Once he dreamt he spoke to Jesus
Who promised him he’d show the way
Once he dreamt he heard a beggar
And stopped to listen to what he had to say

So pick up the bottle, pour him a glass
He’ll tell you his stories of what might have passed
He’ll sit and tell you how it should be done
Then look at his children and look at his wife
And look at the way he’s destroying their lives
He’s just another dreamer on the run
Just another dreamer on the run

Once he dreamt he fought for justice
With special powers he’d been blessed
But then he woke one day to find
That he was just a man like all the rest

Now within a cloud he sits
Dreams sinking fast in a whisky haze
His family given up the battle
He’s left alone to end his drinking days