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From the Album  Weave

Rain clouds are coming I got time on my hands
Today is just the kind of day that’s not for making plans
I know me and the kitchen just don’t see eye to eye
But I got this overwhelming need
For a slice of sugar pie

Sugar for the rhubarb pastry for the base
Just a touch of chili to help it find that place
Chocolate covered mushrooms for that decadent surprise
And last of all but not the least
A pair of chicken thighs

I know what you’re thinking those ingredients don’t fit
But it only takes one service to help you make you regular
Just a little taste and you’ll be crying out for more
One day you’ll find my cookbook will be flying from the stores

Sugar for the fishcakes, add a single bean
Smother it with spinach sauce to make the whole thing green
Add four pints of turnip wine to help the night along
Stir it on a low heat while you sing this crazy song

Sugar for my dumplings a banana in between
Just a touch of angel hair and cover it with steam
Put on a bed of filo sheets and toss it for a while
Guaranteed to hit the spot and leave you with a smile


The first line for this song was “Sugar for my baby,” and it came through loud and clear. I have an aversion to the word baby in songs and combined with a desire for meaning in my lyrics the only solution was to write about cooking, despite the fact that I am to cooking, what Joe Frazier is to flower arranging. Having read somewhere that sugar makes everything taste good, I came up with some unique recipes that are sugar-based, and although they might not win any prizes, no one can deny their originality.