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Love in your Heart

There’s a place of darkness in the heart of everyone
A distant echo of a song that once was sung
Memories may torment and tear your soul apart
But you’ve got to keep love in your heart

There’s a lesson forgotten for every lesson learned
A child that goes hungry for every candle burned
No one knows the ending, but we all know where to start
We’ve got to keep love in our hearts

How do you feel at the end of the day
When you’re sitting on your own
Does it comfort you to know that you were right
It’s easy to laugh in the safety of friends
At those who stand alone
But so much braver to open your heart

There’s a flower that lies dormant in the cruellest of man
Left to himself he does all that he can
Sometimes we must fight him, but we do so in the dark
So we’ve got to keep love in our heart

There’s a life that begins for everyone that ends
To each and every child there’s one message we must send
We all stand together, so we all must do our part
We’ve got to keep love in our heart

If you’re looking for an answer
Here’s where you’ve got to start
You’ve got to keep love
You’ve got to keep love
Yes you’ve got to keep love
In your heart