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Bye Cycle

From the album Field of Dreams

You won’t see me any more
That’s one thing I know for sure
You ’caused me too much pain
Left me lying in the rain

Time and time I told you, never again
But you called me back just like a long-lost friend
But this time I’m saying you went too far
When you threw me in front of that moving car

Bye cycle, Bye cycle
You’re up for sale, there’s no turning back
Bye cycle, Bye cycle
I ain’t taking no more of your crap
Bye cycle, Bye cycle
You can take some other mug for a ride
Bye cycle, Bye cycle
You can’t say that I ain’t tried

You know I’ve given you so much love
Treated you with velvet gloves
What do I get in return?
A real sore arse and road burns

Broken bones and brown underpants
A hundred stitches maybe more
Repair bills that I can’t afford to pay
And bruises by the score


One of my dearest friends is the world-famous journalist, Barrie Tracey. OK, maybe he wasn’t world-famous, but there was a time when his news stories certainly were.
At the ripe old age of eighty, he is still going strong(ish) and riding a mountain bike, or to be more precise, falling off a mountain bike. He contacts me regularly to tell me of his latest mishap, which recently included falling into a river and breaking his collar bone.
Barrie rents one of our apartments every year and often takes my bike out. It was bought with good intentions but soon abandoned, so I was glad to see it being put to good use. He returned from one trip exhilarated and tried to talk me into going for a ride. I shook my head, leant it against the wall and said, “Goodbye cycle.” The perfect cue for a song.