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They Won’t Come Round Again

He still remembers the sixties
Like they were just yesterday
Those long hot summer evenings
In the gardens where he played
He never knew a day as good
As those he knew back then
And it hurts to think
They won’t come round again

He still recalls his first love
To the sound of the fabulous four
Their love would last forever
No one ever was so sure
Now he still can see her face
In someone else’s now and then
But she’s lost forever
And won’t be found again

They won’t come round again you know
They won’t come round again
Those days of love and freedom
In the heart of a tired old van
For all those things he thought were free
He must now pay the price
And the highest price
Is they won’t come round again

Now his life is like a waterfall
That flows the wrong way round
His roots are strong and orderly
But they never reached the ground
He tells himself the answer lies
Blowing in the wind
But it don’t change the fact
That they won’t come round again


They say if you remember the sixties, then you weren’t there. An amusing aphorism but I have known plenty of people who not only remember them but even now, have a hard time letting them go.