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Every Day Has its Dog

From the Album  Just a Few Seconds

Monday is the day I take Lucky to play
Down to the park with his friends
He chases them around a big circle and stops
And the chases them around again
Tuesday it’s Sadie’s turn to go out
But all she wants to do is flirt
Showing off her how clean is her coat
And then rolling around in the dirt

Every day has its dog, they like the routine
If I try and change it, they can get pretty mean
Every dog has a master, don’t make me laugh
Truth be told, every dog has its staff

Wednesday Jasper knows it’s his turn
To take me out for a walk
I have to go where he leads me
And I’m not allowed to talk
Thursday it’s Jean who’s a crapping machine
I fill a dozen bags or more
Friday it’s Bill, who seems to get a big thrill
From pissing on every door

Saturday you’ll find Wolfie at play
Chasing the cats around
As long as they run, he has a lot of fun
Until they stand their ground
When it comes to Sunday, this dog has his day
That’s the day I keep for myself
They can howl and holla all that they want
But their leads will stay on the shelf
Grand Gestures