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Field of Dreams

From the Album Field of Dreams

I don’t know why I wrote this song
I don’t know if it’s right or wrong
I only know if it’s right, it must be written
To some, it might seem absurd
Writing songs that are never heard
But those who won’t lie down should be forgiven

Day after day my head is filled with tapestries of sound
I sit there in wonder as each word gets written down
Just where it comes from is a mystery to me
Like every word is cast in stone and that is what must be

Welcome to my field of dreams it reaches far and wide
To you in may seem nothing much but I stand here with pride
If you build it, they will come I once heard it said
But right or wrong there’s nothing that I’d rather do instead

There are times when I must confess, I’d like to stop and take a rest
And do those things I’ve never time to do
But who knows when the well runs dry, when it does you won’t see me cry
Maybe just a little tear or two

I used to say I didn’t care if recognition came along
That all that really matters is the singing of the song
But it’s hard to see the ones you love die slowly on the shelf
Still I think of just how blessed I am that I want for nothing else


I loved the Kevin Costner film of the same name, and it is a story I can relate to. He bought a farm in the middle of nowhere and made a baseball pitch on the off chance that the voices in his head were correct in saying that a bunch of famous dead baseball players would come along and play on his pitch. That story is far more feasible than that of a sixty-eight-year-old man making it in the music business. But just like Kevin, I plough on every year in the hope that one-day “people will come.”