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I Am Love

From the Album Field of Dreams

I’m not a man, I’m not the sun
Not the moon or ancient tomb
I’m not a statue for whom to serve
Nor fearsome thunder, or virgin birth

I’m not a mountain, I’m not the sea
I’m not the reason for you to be
I am not an eagle, or a dove
What I am is simple, I am love

I don’t want your gold, or robes of silk
Keep all your fine words, keep your guilt
It all comes to nothing when the mist is clear
If a child is hungry, or lives in fear

I don’t want your wars, or your sacrifice
One needless death is too high a price
I gave you life so you could live
I gave a heart to forgive

I don’t want your prayers, don’t want your blame
Don’t want your hatred, not in my name
Your love that’s steeped in self-interest
With twisted words I never blessed

I gave you heaven, but you make it hell
The home I gave, you leave a shell
If you truly want all that’s above
Don’t pray to me, pray to love
Don’t pray to me, pray to love