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The Wheels Go Round

From the Album  The Minstrel

When it’s over, it’s over, there’ll be no more curtain calls
Senses are still glowing from the thrill of it all
The heart is still aching from words set on fire
Voices still shaking a seat that never tires

When it’s over it’s over, but the memory never fades
Echoes from a distant past, fill the empty stage
Comforting the restless soul, helping get through the night
When eyes are closed what really counts is what remains in sight

There’s a young boy and his mother living each day as it comes
Cold and hungry, sometimes scared, sometimes out of turn
The greatest gift she ever gave was to make him see
If you have theatre in your life, a rich man you will be

When it’s over it’s over, a man sits alone
A life of fulfilment with a family of his own
But each week in a theatre seat, the man becomes a boy
A mother in his heart and a life that’s filled with joy


The Story Behind the Song

What is it about train journeys (or at least the thought of them) that is fascinating? Although I am speaking as someone who doesn’t have to commute on them. On the rare occasion when I do travel by train, I am either looking into people’s lives via their back gardens or trying to guess what my fellow passengers are thinking about.