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The Wheels Go Round

From the Album  The Minstrel

The fields pass by, the river flows
What town that was, I’ll never know
We gently sway, to the rhythm of the track
Some people stop and take a look
From gardens just like picture books
Sometimes they wave, and I wave back

The wheels go round, the engine turns
The miles pass slowly the fuel gets burned
The wheels go round, time passes by
Some say hello and some say goodbye

He’s trying hard to keep awake
She’s wondering what next to bake
They’re holding hands despite their years
I’m trying hard to read this book
But I feel the need to stop and look
At the world outside, so near but so far


What is it about train journeys (or at least the thought of them) that is fascinating? Although I am speaking as someone who doesn’t have to commute on them. On the rare occasion when I do travel by train, I am either looking into people’s lives via their back gardens or trying to guess what my fellow passengers are thinking about.