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Cat Attack

From the album Weave

There’s a full moon rising, the dogs are howling
On the dark side of town, there’s something going down
A storm is brewing, resentment stewing
You better watch out
Someone’s gonna get hurt
Someone’s gonna eat dirt
There’s gonna be a cat attack.

It’s been a long time coming, those cats are cunning
They strike like lightning, very frightening
The dogs are fierce, but they come off worse
They better watch out
It’s time for a showdown
Let’s all go down
To the cat attack

There’s Cookie on the right side, Django on the left side
Jutko from behind, with trouble on his mind
The dogs are surrounded, they’re gonna get pounded
They better watch out
Sadie takes the first hit
But lucky gets the worst of it
It’s a cat attack

The show is over, that’s the end of Rover
He put up a good fight, but the claw beats the bite
Dogs should stay at home, by the fireside with a bone
They need to watch out
If at home they stay, they live to fight another day
In a cat attack…


Living in Mlini, you don’t get much choice regarding cat ownership, and by that, I mean a cat, owning you. There are lots of strays in the village, and as soon as word gets around that there is a vacancy, they have a secret meeting where they decide amongst themselves which cat is going to do you the honour of living with them.
For a while, there were so many cats living in the centre of the village that it became a no-go zone for dogs. Any poor, unsuspecting dog walking past was attacked from all sides and rarely came out on top. With that in mind, I was walking through the village one night when the title Cat Attack popped into my head. With a title like that, a song writes itself, and all the cats and dogs I ever knew have made an appearance.