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The streets are all empty now
As the comfort of darkness falls
The ghost of a thousand cars
Pass along curb stoned halls
There’s that place where we used to meet
By the shade of that tree
From a time so long ago
A time of you and me

The house is so empty now
A monument to broken dreams
The ghost of a thousand laughs
The threads of a thousand seams
I tried so hard to start again but never found a way
One stupid act of madness
And forever I must pay

I have my pride
Your foolish pride
That’s all I have, I know
But I have this pain
And so do I
And I don’t think it will go

Do you think of me now and then
When you gaze upon empty streets
Standing beside yourself, hoping one day we’ll meet
I’m sorry that I hurt you, what more can I say
If only you’d have forgiven me, we could have found a way

How I wish you were with me now
As I start on this long walk home
Passing through memories
So hard when you’re on your own
I know that it meant nothing, I know that your love was real
This pain will never leave me
This wound will never heal