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Free Rum

From the Album Just a Few Seconds

Welcome to the party son
This is where good sailors come
When their time on earth is through
There’s always room for one more crew
We usually ask for fifty years
Through stormy seas and bitter tears
But those who answer the siren’s call
Are also welcome one and all

Free Rum, Free Beer
A party for every day of the year
Clap your hands and stomp your feet
Dance along to the sailor’s beat
A chair is not the place to stay
When the fiddler starts to play
We’ve only got the rest of time
So jump right in and join the line

Here you’re always with your friends
The fun and laughter never ends
A dancer’s work is never done
When one tune ends, it’s just begun
It might seem now that you’ll get bored
But you just need to cut the cord
No more storms and no more fear
No more sirens in your ear


Also featured in my novel, A Single Tear, this is the follow-up song to Come a Little Closer. In Anglo Maritime folklore, Fiddler’s Green is a place where sailors go when they die if they have served more than fifty years at sea. Not only did it present a great theme for a song, but the perfect ending to the most important chapter of my book.