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The Feast of the Dead

From the Album India

When I opened the door, I couldn’t believe my eyes
Standing before me was a once in a lifetime surprise
There’s Jimi Hendrix with Prince by his side
Bob Marley standing close behind
Not saying a word, they let themselves in
A party was clearly on their minds

Welcome to the feast of the dead
I know we’re late, but don’t be misled
We’ll always be a part of your life
Don’t be afraid, put down that knife
We mean no harm we’re just having fun
Open the door, there’s more to come
We’re gonna Jam and party all night
And we’re not gonna stop until it gets light

There’s Freddie Mercury standing on top of a chair
Singing we are the champions as Lennon hands him a beer
There’s Joplin and Morrison dancing out of control
And Jones looking for a pool
While Presley and Buckley play air guitar
I’m doing my best to try and look cool


This was a difficult song to write as the lyrics had to fit the guitar riff, which restricted the syllables.
“I opened the door” was the only first-line I could come up with. Considering I spend half my life opening the door to Cookie (our cat,) it seemed natural to write about her. I finished the song, and it was only when I went back to it a few weeks later that I found I wasn’t happy with it.
So I started again, only this time when I “opened the door” I was surprised to find Jimi Hendrix standing there which was a lovely surprise, especially when I saw who he had brought with him.