The World is Full of Heroes

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Written for and performed at the funeral of Nemo’s late father, Jack Newark.

The story behind the song


The world is full of heroes, though few of them are know
There’s some that stand in battlefields and some that stand at home
There’s a million debts of bravery, that will never be repaid
The world is full of heroes and here lies one today

A young man shelters in a field, each day could be his last
Death hides round every corner and rains with every blast
He spends a lifetime thinking of the man who saved his life
The unknown fallen hero left an unknown child and wife

And when the war is over there’s still no place to hide
so he bravely soldiers on each day for his family to provide
through guilty years he can’t accept that better men lay dead
For years his sleep is broken, by the screaming in his head


A young girl shelters in a storm, hungry and afraid
While buildings rocked by angry bombs, demand a price be paid
From dusty ruins she builds a life, fighting every day
To keep her children safe and warm and help them find their way

Laying down her life each day for those she holds so dear
Asking nothing in return hiding every tear
Look around at what you have and all you hope to be
We owe it all to sacrifice of those who kept us free