Ski With Me Tonight


Skiing used to be one of my favourite things in the world until the sad day when the message from my brain to my legs started to suffer from time lapse syndrome which is not great when sliding down a mountain at high or even slow speeds. I could still ski but lost that effortless coordination so essential for safe skiing. Of all my skiing memories the best are those nights when I met up with a group of friends at a mountain café and skied down in the moonlight. Heaven knows how we managed that in one piece although the swiss have a saying, “the skis know their way home”


The Full Song
The Ringtone

Do you know where the cold wind blows
Where silence rains and people flow
And icy crystal running beneath your feet
Yes my friend I know too well
That magic place of which you tell
Where the air is pure and life is oh so sweet

The chair glides slowly to the top
Round in circles, doesn’t stop
We’ll jump off and bravely face the wind
I’ll be following close behind
Until the end we are entwined
And when we get down we’ll go right up again

Feel that wind, blowing in your face
With all your worries trailing far behind
See that snow, filling every space
The moon will be our light
won’t you ski with me tonight

Swaying gently side to side a lover of this mountain side
The speed is flowing quietly through my veins
The café’s waiting there for us
With hot wine served in plastic cups
And a taste that will never be the same again.


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