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Who is She

From the Album  McDonalds Farm

She knocks on, the door he lets her in
She sits down, he pours some gin
The hotel room is cold and stark
His nameless face blends with the dark
That’s fifty pounds is all she says
And doesn’t move until he pays
He complies with her demand
Puts the money in her icy hand
Now he’s paid the price
She’ll do anything he asks
He leads her to the bed
Nothing must be said

Before we start, I must confess
He said while slowly she undressed
I’m not proud of what I do
And neither I assume are you
because of this, I must insist
The lights stay out, and you resist
The urge to know the man behind
This shadowed face that leaves you blind
For you and I are strangers
And that’s how it must remain
He steps into the cage
The actress takes the stage

Who is she, this stranger?
She is all one could ask for from sensuality
Who is she, this stranger?
She’ll do anything that you desire
Pay the price, and you can light her fire

The tide goes out to leave behind
The battered driftwood none shall find
She had played her part so well
In sounds of love, she does excel
She was the best he’d ever known
His passion rose with every moan
If only they had met before
She took the life of a whore
He feels the need to talk to her
And she the need to hear
Of what he’d left behind
That haunts his troubled mind

There was only one love in his life
The woman who was once his wife
But she had been so dull in bed
While erotic dreams had filled his head
It’s seven years since they had part
When he had left her broken heart
To seek excitement where he could
In hotel rooms and shaded woods
And now this stranger by his side
Had made him love with strength and pride
A shadowed face he’ll never know
She’ll dress and quickly go

She kissed him softly on the cheek
And leaves him while he soundly sleeps
Her tears at last allowed to fall
She hurries through the silent hall
How could he have been so blind
When darkness can’t obscure the mind
This stranger walking from his life
Had in fact once been his wife


This song was inspired by the film Paris, Texas in which a man disappears for four years and on his return, discovers his wife is working in a peep show. He pays to go in and watch her, but she doesn’t know it is him. The song takes over from there with the conclusion that no matter how long we live with someone, we never really know them.