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What Am I To Do

From the Album Field of Dreams

For as long as I remember he was always there
Our first day at school both of us scared
He put his hand on my shoulder and said will you be my friend
From that day till now that friendship didn’t end

Those years weren’t so easy the kids played it rough
But he always stood beside me and taught me to be tough
It was us against the world standing side by side
But his were the shoulders on which we relied

Should I tell him or look the other way
Make his world come crashing down or wait another day
One day he’s gonna find out and ask if I knew
I don’t want to lie to him, so tell me, what am I do

Both of us the best man at each other’s wedding day
Soon the world was perfect when we watched our children play
She told me that she loved him with all of her heart
So why did it end and why did it start

I checked in at a hotel on a trip I hadn’t planned
It was then that I saw her standing in the arms of another man
It was only too obvious that they were more than friends
Through a tangled web of lies, I could see the end


The old chestnut. If you discover the partner of a good friend is having an affair, what should you do about it? It could blow over, your friend never finds out, and they both live happily ever after, in which case telling them would have caused unnecessary pain. Or it could all blow up, your friend finds out you knew and feels betrayed. I was only faced with this dilemma once, and fortunately, fate stepped in before I had to decide what to do.