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Two Eyes Are Not Enough

From the Album Silly Old Man

On a ship bound for sunshine
I started to unwind
And turned my mind to all the things
That I’d gladly left behind
The woman I’d left crying
Asking where she’d gone wrong
Perhaps I’d loved her, I don’t know
But it was time that I was gone

Then she sat beside me
A woman old and grey
Her eyes were filled with sadness
Her mind was far away
She took me by surprise
When she reached and took my hand
And said to me the words that I remember to this day

Son, life’s a gamble but death you know for sure
And it’s only then you’ll realise
If you were rich or you were poor
You think that you’re an island, but I have to say to you
There are things you see with four eyes
That you’ll never see with two

We worked so hard for many years
So much we went without
We thought retirement and this cruise
Was what life was all about
All the wondrous sights there are to see
This cruise is sure to bring
But without him standing by my side
They just don’t mean a thing

One day he was part of me
The next day he was gone
Though his heart was like a child’s
It just couldn’t carry on
I know you think you’ve got it all
With your gold and fancy stuff
But with all the money in the world
Two eyes are not enough

Old lady I still think of you, and the gift you gave to me
The other pair of eyes I have so now at last I see


My father liked to travel above all else, so when I was very young, I asked him what he would do if my mother died before him. I asked him if he would go on a world cruise to get over it. “Definitely not,” he said, “these things have no value if you are not sharing them.” His answer didn’t mean much to me at the time, but many years later, I understood exactly. A trouble shared is a trouble halved, a wonder shared is a wonder doubled.