These Walls


There is no doubt that the biggest break of my life was meeting my wife Federika which led me to where I am now, living in the paradise village of Mlini just a few kilometres from Dubrovnik.

Like most young musicians, I dreamt of fame and fortune but never saw that as a goal, more the means to a goal and if during those years you asked me what my actual goal was it would have been to live comfortably in a tiny Mediterranean village by the sea. Well here I am having bypassed the whole alluring but troublesome fame and fortune thing.

I love Croatia, its people, food, weather and just about everything else except maybe the language. It has been a bane in my life that although I am interested in languages and do try and learn them I had never stayed anywhere long enough to speak a foreign language fluently. Finally, I settled down here in Croatia only to find the language impossibly difficult. I can speak Croatian ok but understand very little because they have the annoying custom of changing the endings of words so sometimes I don’t even recognise my own name.

I also love the music and in particular “Klapa” which is an acapella choir singing traditional songs. It is wonderful, always perfectly in tune and the tourists love it. My only criticism is that tourists will listen to an entire Klapa concert and not understand a single word. It occurred to me that it would be nice to have a song in English which welcomed tourists and said how proud Croatians are of their city of Dubrovnik. With that purpose in mind I wrote “These Walls” in the hope that at least one Klapa choir would sing it.  It turned out these choirs are very conservative in their choice of repertoire and only want Croatian songs so this song is dusting away on one of my many shelves. It is a shame because I am sure tourists would love it as did all the locals that played it from the Dubrovnik web portal DUNET.



We welcome you to this our land
to every nation near and far
Throughout this world so full of wonder
we stand beneath a shining star

we have no need of gold or riches
all that we ask is for what you see
the sun to sparkle on the water
and sit beside our family

These walls are more than what you see
More than the stone that kept us free
They are the heart that beats within
A country proud where all is king
These walls that stand so proud and strong
Have Inspired  a thousand songs
A thousand stories they can tell
and hold you in their mystic spell

If I could have but just one wish
it would be that all Could come
To share with us all that we love
and sit beneath our setting sun

And when your time with us has ended
And you are sitting far away
Remember this our time together
And in your hearts we hope we’ll stay

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