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The Look in Your Eyes

From the Album Terasa

There’s that look in your eyes, I know it too well
Sometime today, I’ll be going through hell
Is it something I said, have I done something wrong
Did I put something trivial where it doesn’t belong

Whatever it was, was it worth all of this
Shall we spend the day fighting, or shall we just kiss
Spend the day peacefully enjoying what we have
Or spend it in torment at the bottom of a wave

With that look in your eyes, I’ve learned to keep quiet
But it can be so hard when you’ve made up your mind
The most trivial comment and I’m under attack
But I know it will pass and soon you’ll be back


When this title came to me, it was screaming out to be a standard love song. It is a common phrase in songs but usually relates to the look of love theme. It was time for someone to speak out for the many other looks that lurk behind our window to the soul. In this case, I refer to that unmistakable look that says you have either done something wrong, will be blamed for something that went wrong, or your partner has guessed you are about to do something wrong. Either way, you’re in big trouble.