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The Days I Will Remember

From the Album  A Chair by The Window

The Days I Will Remember
Hey little girl who you gonna run to
When you’ve cut your knee and you cry and say
Daddy make this pain go away
I’ll say to you some magic words
And take you in my arms
And you’ll go running back to play

Hey little girl who you gonna sing with
When it’s Christmas time and we’re round the tree
And there’s such sweet harmony
We play that game I made for you
Your laughter fills the room
You are everything to me

These are the days I will remember all my life
These pure and happy days of childhood
The funny things you say the crazy thing you do
I’ll always remember these precious times with you
I’d give the world and so much more to you, my little girl

Hey little girl who you gonna cry to
When you spend the night sitting on your own
Waiting by the telephone
But he doesn’t call, I share your pain
My shoulders wet with tears
Gone forever those childhood years

Hey little girl, who you going to walk with
On that special day when you turn and smile
As we walk slowly down the aisle
You’ll take his hand, eyes filled with love
A woman I can’t deny
But you’ll always be my little girl



With the opening line, “Hey little girl, who you going to run to?” there was no doubt what this song had to be about although I did find it emotionally hard at times. I never had children myself, and it is one of the few regrets in life.