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Thank You James

From the Album Weave

I was just a young boy, with first guitar in hand
The only thing I dreamt of was playing in a band
Hendrix, Purple, Zeppelin, I followed with my friends
But I needed something different to satisfy my pen

When I heard you singing, I knew my life had changed
Just a simple tune that sent shivers down my spine
I didn’t have much money, but I always found a way
Of buying every song of yours that I could find

Thank you James
For being there when I needed a friend
In Mexico we walked through fire and rain
So long ago and far away
Thank you James
For being on that Jukebox all alone
I cried as you were singing your sad songs
But it sure was good, to get home again

I practised hard and there came a day I was always in demand
From studio to studio and endless touring bands
But all I ever wanted was to play the songs I wrote
They rejected everything without listening to a note

This Taylor sound is very good but the market’s much too small
Come back when you’ve got something we can sell
Now thirty years and more have past and you’re still selling every day
And you still hold your audience in a spell

Thank you James
For helping me to go round one more time
Carolina was always on my mind
Walking down that lonesome road
Thank you James
How I wish that yours was my town too
But you know that I won’t lie for you
Sweet baby James, I am the man they froze

Thank you James
It’s good to know that you will not die young
Not a victim of Kelly’s machine gun
On that October road, with sunny skies
Thank you James
Even though I’ll be lonely tonight
All I have to do is close my eyes
And sing your song of Copperline
Thank you James