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Some Folks

Song Not Yet Released

Some folks like to go out all the time
Some folks look for mountains to climb
Some don’t leave their office at all
Some are always waiting for a call
Some folks are glued to a mobile phone
And some never want to leave their home
I’m not saying that they got it all wrong
But that’s not a place where I belong

Me I like to go down to the shore
And put my feet in the water till my toes get sore
With a book in my hands and a beer by my side
Before you write me off why don’t you give it a try
Tomorrow’s gonna come and I’ll do the same
If your feeling stressed, you got yourself to blame
So get yourself down to the edge of the shore
Put your toes in the water, till they get sore

Some folks are always rushing around
Some folks never have their feet on the ground
Some like to go out for a walk
And some like to sit for hours and talk
Some like to spend their lives in a bar
And some dream of driving a racing car
I’m not saying that they got it all wrong
But that’s not a place where I belong


Every year, Mary and her two sisters rent one of our apartments for two weeks. They live far apart, so rarely see each other for the rest of the year. For two weeks, they have nothing to worry about but themselves, and they love every second of it. Each morning, they take their beach chairs to the edge of the shore and sit there all day with their feet in the water.
I was just about to dive into the sea for my twice-daily swim when I saw them sitting there in Mary heaven, and this chorus came to me. Normally, I would record it on my mobile phone, but not having it with me, I had to keep singing it during my twenty-minute swim to stop me forgetting it.