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Song Not Yet Released

He said he was the singer in a band
But I find that hard to understand
‘cause he couldn’t sing a single note in tune
Though he promised that he would one day soon
I went to see him singing one day
It was painful to my ears in every way
But he had something I could not deny
More than just the crazy in his eyes

He span around in circles
He jumped high into the air
Did a backward somersault
And danced like Fred Astaire
The crowd just couldn’t get enough
And kept screaming out for more
From the stage he dived and landed
Face down on the floor

They all said that he was supercool
But he grew tired of playing the fool
So he worked hard and taught himself to sing
Hoping that fulfilment it would bring
He practised till he found a voice of gold
But sadly it just turned the audience cold
Where was the dancing fool they came to see
Get off the stage is what they all agreed

Now he sings under a different name
Turned his back on fortune and on fame
Half-empty bars with bands not ever seen
But happier than he has ever been

He used to spin around in circles and jump high into the air
Did a backward somersault and danced like Fred Astaire
Now the crowd is dancing and cheering a machine
Worshipping a bass drum with no singer to be seen


One good thing about being so totally unknown is there is no risk of being defined by your music. If you decide to take a new direction, you can, because no one knows what the old direction was. Artists who have a massive hit in their youth are destined to repeat that song and style for the rest of their professional careers, or risk losing their fans.

This song was inspired by the protagonist in my book A Single Tear. A man who makes a living from the only song he wishes he’d never written.