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Song Not Yet Released

Sonny sits at home with her life mapped out
A note on every surface removing doubt
She’s done every course that there is to do
When it comes to following she can’t get enough
She’d like to think for herself but finds it kind of tough
She knows somebody loves her, but doesn’t know who

The answer to a questions is always the same
If you don’t love yourself, then you’ve got yourself to blame
But if that don’t work then try something else
love those around you, instead of yourself

Everybody loves you, one note says
Another says you’re great in every way
You’re the centre of the universe remember that
I had to take a dump, but I was scared
I’d end up with a note up my you know where
You can’t see the walls through the notes around her flat

You’ve got to love yourself, there ain’t no doubt
But not too much or you’re gonna find out
Man can’t live on self-love alone
Self-love is the house, but love is the home.


I was flicking through the TV channels when I caught a few minutes of an American guru giving a lecture to a huge audience. She appeared to be saying that the answer to all life’s problems was to love yourself. She was obviously very successful, and there was no question that she loved herself, so maybe she had a point.
It reminded me of a woman I met in Los Angeles. On nearly every surface of her apartment was a post-it note telling herself how wonderful she was. “Everybody loves you; you are strong; you are amazing,” etc. etc. The romance didn’t last long. I know self-confidence is one of the most important things in life, and it is essential to be kind to ourselves, but surely too much self-love is just as harmful as too little.