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Second Thoughts

Song Not Yet Released

The day was uneventful, like the many gone before
We laughed and joked, and shared the daily chores
We talked about the holidays and where we’d go that year
Our future was set in stone, or that’s how that it appeared

We kissed goodnight as always and drifted off to sleep
Her’s was always restless while mine was long and deep
It wasn’t till I woke up that I found something was wrong
The bed and house were empty, I knew that she had gone

It seemed my life was over as my eyes turned to tears
The thought of life without her was more than I could bear
But when the night had passed, and the birds began to sing
Second thoughts took over, so a new world could begin
First thoughts will overpower you, listen if you must
But second thoughts are the ones to trust

I knew that she still loved me and that I felt the same
But sometimes that’s not enough, and no one should be blamed
As a new world opened up, my sadness slipped away
Those first thoughts tried to crush me, but second thoughts won the day

And now a lifetime later it’s easier now to see
That the day that she walked out was a precious gift to me
Second thoughts have led me to a second time around
A life that I once dreamt of, where true love has been found


When I split up with my first wife, we were riding high and owned a big squash club and a restaurant. My first thoughts were filled with disastrous scenarios, most of which came true, but after the initial shock passed, second thoughts came along. A new and exciting life appeared before me, and although it was no easy ride, I realised that first thoughts are often corrupted by emotion. “Second thoughts are the ones to trust. ”