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Rosemary and Time

From the Album  The Minstrel


There was a time when she thought life was forever
A time when she thought youth wouldn’t fade
And a time when the hours passed so slowly
But for Rosemary and time, the years soon slipped away

There’s a child in the garden, with nothing to do
She wants to be older and be just like you
Everyone laughs and envies her youth
Don’t be in such a hurry

There’s a young girl in love for the very first time
She wants to make love, but she’s told it’s a crime
Everyone laughs, your elders know best
Don’t be in such a hurry

There’s a girl dressed in white she’ll soon be a wife
To have and to hold for the rest of her life
She’s not sure of her feelings but he’s all that she needs
And love will grow in time

There’s a wife in the bedroom, she feels so alone
Longing for love that she’s never known
She knows she should leave him but everyone says
Don’t be in such a hurry

There’s a mother in the garden, going through hell
At last she’s found love but with somebody else
It must not continue for the sake of her child
And the pain will pass in time

There’s a woman alone now, afraid to grow old
Who dreams of her lost love and the times she’s been told
Don’t be in such a hurry, the time is not right
But there never was a right time

Now the time for wasting time is over
And she finally knows what life’s about
But the sands of her life are loosely scattered
And they’ve nearly all run out


I have rarely met anyone who has regretted ending a relationship, only that they regretted not ending it sooner.

A woman I knew wasn’t sure if she wanted to marry, but everyone convinced her to go ahead, saying her fiancé was perfect and it would all work out in time. She knew in the first year of marriage that it was a mistake and wanted to leave, but her parents advised her to give it more time. She got pregnant, and three children later, she fell in love with someone else. People convinced her to stay with her husband and told her she would get over it in time, but she never did. Time can be a great healer, but it can also be cruel captor. The person in this song is the same as in Forbidden Fruit