“Acoustical mastery of a genius music maker “-

“What you hear is what you get, and what you get is pure magic. meticulous, melodic, and masterful”

“Nemo has a wonderful ability to tell stories. His lyrics read like poetry” –

“The minstrel is how good folk should sound like” –

“Masterful blending of folk and blues” –

“James has an eclectic tone that is both engaging and hypnotizing-fans of blues, country and folk music won’t want to miss. ”

“James talent to captivate folk audiences is a gorgeous thing all on its own, as each piece is laced with a special unique quality. Dreamer on the Run is Stunning. definitely worth your time to check out” –

“The Minstrel” is a beautiful elegant album, full of color and light, offering hope in the darkness. –

“Lyrics which test and empower the human spirit. His simple guitar melodies and deft writing express their intention and work like a magical medicinal, leaving you captivated and curious about the next “story”.

“a well-produced album that displays solid musical skills both as a performer and a songwriter” –

“first-rate singer/songwriter ”

Nemo has great storytelling skills. profoundly deep –