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Please Call Me

From the Album A Chair by The Window

I know some things just have to be
for everything a price is paid
and for a love like ours the price will be high
this precious love of yours and mine

but I sit here on my own
in place of you there’s a telephone
just the TV for some company
and nothing in my arms but time

please call me, I need to hear you voice
please call me, it would bring such joy
can you hear me, can you read my mind
I need you, please call me

sometimes I try and visualise
that special something in your eyes
but lately all I see is a misty light
fading into distant scenes

this time you’ve been away too long
the months have passed so slowly by
but I would wait for you forever my love
but I need the strength your voice would bring


For five years after meeting Federika I had to work overseas to earn a decent wage so it meant us being apart for months on end. As a solo performer, I spent most of my time alone which I never minded but I did miss Federika a lot. Phone calls became a lifeline which is ironical because in every other situation I despise talking on the telephone.