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Over You

From the Album  Special Days

Sometimes I look back at those days long ago
When we walked through the grass and laughed in the snow
We had something so special, but I never knew
Now I can’t, I just can’t get over you

In that time between childhood and the building of walls
There’s a place where we wait for the dice as it rolls
Now all that’s behind me and nothing is new
I can’t, I just can’t get over you

I had to have all that I had, not knowing what the cost
Forgotten just as soon as tides had changed
Now I can’t see what’s in front of me, only see what I have lost
The victim of an ever-shrinking stage

Sometimes it’s so hard on those leftover days
To think of our places and your special ways
I know that I did what I had to do
Still I can’t, no I can’t get over you

Success is such a fragile thing, like a butterfly in your hand
Hold too tight, it will crumble into dust
I spent my life looking at the moon when I should have looked within
Maybe it’s only love that you can trust

I know that time can play tricks on the mind
Can tell us of things just not true
Maybe it’s not you but my youth that I miss
Still I can’t, no I can’t get over you

Are you out there somewhere looking up
At that same old moon
Saying I can’t, I can’t get over you
I can’t, no I can’t get over you


Of all the songs I have written, this is the one I most enjoy singing. I was at a dinner party one night when some guests asked me to play, so I sang this. I came to the emotional ending and was pleased with my performance. When the applause had died down, the man next to me said, “Very nice. Do you know Country Roads?” That was the night I realised I would probably never play in public again.