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One Day You’re in Paradise

From the Album The Workhouse Child

Don’t look at the telephone, come away from the door
You know he won’t be coming back no more
I know he said he’d love you, till his dying day
But that’s just one of those things that lovers say

I know you won’t believe me, but one day the pain will pass
And you’ll look back at this and smile
Someone else will surely come along, just wait and see
How all this pain will be worthwhile

I know it hurts
You feel so dead inside
You can’t go on
There’s nowhere you can hide
You miss him so
No one ever felt like you
You look to me
But there’s nothing I can do

One day you’re in paradise the next day you’re in hell
Just be thankful you’re alive and the difference you can tell
One who never learnt to walk is one who never fell
One day you’re in paradise, the next day you’re in hell

You may be surprised to know, that I was once young
And I can tell you I was also stung
But now I look in retrospect, it just had to be
It never could have worked, it was so wrong

Then one day someone came along, and I’m sure you can see
That she and I were always meant to be
So all the pain had been worthwhile or how would I know
Just how much she means to me


What do you do as a parent when your daughter has her heart broken and is convinced she will never find love again? It goes without saying that you should pretend to be sad while you hide your delight, considering her boyfriend was a waste of space. It is also probably best not to mention that the last time her heart was broken, she found love a few days later. The easiest thing is to discreetly play them this song.