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On The Floor Again

Song Not Yet Released

On the Floor Again
Looks like I’m on the floor again
Me and this floor, we’ve become old friends
Things look so different from down here
While I listen to the crowd cheer
Waiting for the dizziness to end

I was sure it would be different this time
I’ve trained for months till I was in my prime
But one second off my guard and I got hit so hard
I’m seeing stars and hearing church bells chime

1,2,3,4 hello ceiling, hello floor
5,6,7,8 better get up before it’s too late
9, 10… and I’m up again

Looks like I’m on the floor again
That looks like one of my old bloodstains
Yes, I remember that fight, it went well that night
Different start but the end was just the same

I think that it’s time to hang my gloves
The body knows when it has had enough
I don’t know where I’ll go ’cause this is all I know
Compared to this, the world outside is tough


I was a keen boxer when I was young and used to train at the Fitzroy Lodge Club in London. I was pretty good but didn’t get very far as I didn’t have the killer instinct. I always felt the urge to apologise to my opponent after hitting them.
I really didn’t like being hit, but I was fast, so I managed to get out of the way most of the time. I was surprised to find that some boxers didn’t mind taking punishment, and one of the older boxers used to laugh about it. He even boasted about the number of times he had been knocked out. I liked him a lot and was happy to have in my thoughts while I wrote this song.