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From the Album  Weave

Looking for a place to do the fandango
Looking for a mountain I can climb
Hoping to find that perfect mango
Hoping to solve that perfect crime
I wanna be a hero just like Robin
I wanna have a beard like Desperate Dan
Looking for a wave to ride my toboggan
I wanna build a castle in the sand

The Jabberwock’s in town tonight
You better watch out and know how to fight
He’ll gyre and gimble claw and bite
And snatch your band from out of sight
Stop your nonsense back to work
Or I’ll tie you up in a very straight shirt
That looking glass ain’t what it seems
It’s nothing more than a mad hatter’s dream

I wanna write songs that ain’t got no message
And tell a story that never ends
I wanna be the diamond in the wreckage
And be the knight that slays all trends

I wanna make sense of all this nonsense
I wanna write a book in wonderland
I wanna turn plastic into incense
And hold a free bird in my hand


With a first line like, “Looking for a place to do the fandango,” this was destined to be a song about nonsense. I had a flashback to my schooldays and a lesson on “Jabberwocky” a nonsense poem by Lewis Carol. It was fun to write a song about nonsense because you can’t really go wrong. If you mess up or lose the plot, you can just say, “Well, what do you expect, it’s nonsense.”