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No Place for a One

Song Not Yet Released

I’ve been sitting here fighting with a stubborn bunch of squares
They’re taking all of my time and it really don’t seem fair
My rubber’s worn down to the bone, it’s the hardest puzzle I’ve ever known
But I’ve going to finish before I get up from this chair

There’s jellyfish and XYZ
Floating all around my head
There’s loop to loop that go nowhere
And not a single naked pair
I’ve tried to colour but that ain’t no good
I’d like to chain if only I could
Pairs and triples have all been done but still
There’s no place for a one

A unique rectangle was the first thing on my mind
Hidden pairs there’s not one I can find
I’ve coloured till my eyes turn red and had X wings follow me to my bed
Am I a fool or am I just being blind