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No Connection

Song Not Yet Released

Back seat, driving across town
Nothing but smiling faces all around
There’s no doubt it would be just fine
If I took their place and they took mine
So many times I’ve said not again for sure
I don’t see the handle, so I break down the door
This is the last time I say time and again
The start is always different, but the end is just the same

Why do I do it, I just don’t know
Trouble follows me wherever I go
Is it down to choice or the blood in our veins?
When there’s no connection between the fist and the brain

I step out of the car, my wrists clamped tight
A crowded cell will be my home for the night
I’ll greet old friends, enemies too
We’ll tell each other lies and pretend that they’re true
I never made a profit from the trouble that I caused
It’s just pride that makes me break the law
I’ll accept my judgement and do my time
I can’t blame anyone, the fault is mine.


The son of a friend was talking to me about his childhood. His mother and father had divorced, and the thing he remembered most was sitting in the back of his father’s car. It wasn’t that he was unhappy or that he disliked his father, only that he would rather have been doing something else. This song started off about him but got highjacked. On the other hand, he had a wildness about him, so maybe he did turn out like the man in the song.