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Moj Prijatelj (My Friend)

I’ve watched you through the passing years
Seen your joy, felt your tears
Watched your children come and go
Seen the sunset on those you know
Shared with you each distant thought
Moj prijatelj

Upon these rocks I’ve passed the time
I’d watch the sea, you’d cast a line
Patiently I’d wait for you
To share your fish, a crust or two
Your kindness means more than you know
Moj prijatelj

And with these wings I soar the sky
But we’re are not so different you and I
We share the joy this world can bring
And give thanks forever blessed thing

The tides they come the boats they go
This simple life is all we know
A loving family waiting by
The sun rising in the sky
No need to reason how or why
Moj prijatelj

But time for me is running fast
My young to you I must now pass
Our hearts are small but we feel the same
We share a love for this our land
We’re proud to have you as a friend
Moj prijatelj


One of the most popular songs in Croatia is Moj Galabe sung by the great Oliver Dragojeviċ. It is a song about an old man sitting on the rocks talking to a seagull. I turned the table and wrote a song about the seagull talking to the old man. I was hoping that Oliver would one day sing this, but sadly, he died in 2018.