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Money in my Pocket

Song Not Yet Released

It’s Friday night and the world looks pretty good
The sun’s still shinning, just like they said it would
The bus queue’s long but I’ll get there in the end
Just a few more hours and I’ll be with my friends

I got money in my pocket and a weekend in my hands
Maybe I’ll go crazy but you’ve got to understand
I’ve worked all week and sold my soul away
For money in my pocket and a weekend of play

I went to my boss and asked him for a rise
He said I got to get my haircut because it’s getting in my eyes
Good God almighty it’s more than I can bear
When the measure of my worth depends on how long is my hair

Oh oh, oh oh, The things we do for dough
Oh oh, oh oh, that’s just the way it goes
Oh oh, oh oh, I’m selling out my time
Oh oh, oh oh, On the wrong side of the line


A simple song that took me back fifty years to the only time in my life I was tied to a job I hated. I was a solicitor’s clerk at Lincoln’s Inn. I will never forget that ecstatic feeling of leaving the office on a Friday evening knowing that I had the whole weekend to myself. I swear I could hear a choir of angels singing on the day I left the office for the last time to become a professional musician.