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Song Not Yet Released

You might know me as Mona, but Lisa is my name
I am the recipient of extraordinary fame
Oh Oh, this is no bluff
They say I was the wife of a wealthy businessman
How I wished that were true but my life was not so grand
Oh Oh, times were tough

Lenny was sure a helluva man
With magic there in both of his hands
The jokes he told I’ll never forget
I’d laugh until my knickers were wet
I’m still laughing after all these years
At the selfie he left, that they covered in tears
Generous to the rich and poor
Never was there a man loved more

I was a humble barmaid till Lenny came along
I took a turn at dancing and sometimes sang a song
Oh Oh, I owe him everything
He said he liked the way, my eyes followed him around
But that is not surprising he was handsome and profound
Oh Oh, the joy he did bring

There are many things that are not known for sure
What did he believe, or did he have a grand amour
But Oh Oh, I’ll tell you today
I was the soul of discretion, I didn’t show and tell
But I’m here to tell you now, that he sure rang all my bells
Oh Oh, that’s all I will say


I had no first line for this song, so I had to turn to Google for inspiration. Heaven knows how I got there, but an image of the Mona Lisa suddenly appeared, which led instantly to the line, “You may know me as Mona.” I had to do some research into Leonardo Da Vinci, and although I knew of his genius, I knew nothing about his social life and how popular he was.