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Meet me at Midnight

Song Not Yet Released

Meet me at midnight by the old schoolyard
We can walk by the river where the frost falls hard
I’ve waited and waited and walked many a mile
Please meet me at midnight and talk for a while

We were so close, for so many years
The words that you gave me was music to my ear
How I miss your ideas and the warmth of your smile
Meet me at midnight, so we can talk for a while

It was midnight when you first appeared
After laying low for so many years
But my friend where are you now
Please meet at the midnight hour

I’ll never understand your mysterious ways
How you came from nowhere with the gifts that you gave
One day you’re a jester, the next you’re a king
A marionette maker then a bird with broken wing

We’ll sing and we’ll dance, we’ll laugh and we’ll cry
Meet me at midnight and we’ll talk for a while


With a first line like this, there were many directions I could take, but most of them were down well-worn paths. I was getting bogged down with deciding who it was I was supposed to meet when I realised it wasn’t a person at all, it was my muse. Until then, I had thought of inspiration as something that floats around us all, looking for a receptive mind to drop into. It was in writing this song that I realised I have had an invisible friend standing beside me for years, and now we had finally met.