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Madeira Nights

From the Album  A Chair by The Window

Madeira nights, Madeira days
How I love your beautiful land and your simple ways
Form Comacha to Asomada, we lambada’d down the levada
You gave to me a gift I can never repay
Madeira Nights Madeira days

There’s a place in my heart where the sun always shines
Any time of year onto the sparkling sea
It’s a magical island under a mystical sky
And it cast its spell on me

You can stare back in time to how it used to be
When you were young and the world simple and free
You can walk down the street with no fear of harm
Smiling faces are all you see

From the peaks of the mountains to the countryside
From the clear mountain streams to the awesome tide
I loved every part of your wondrous land
I loved your strength and pride

The people of Madeira how I envy you
You have something special, something kind and true
Don’t ever change how you are inside
How you do the things you do

In 1995 I spent nine months working in Madeira, one of the best gigs ever. The problem for an unknown songwriter is that people need to hear a song a few times before they get to like it. I don’t usually have that luxury but in Madeira I worked in a hotel bar so most of the guests came in every night for a week or two and so got to know my music. Most of them bought at least one album and many bought all seven and are still in contact with me twenty-five years later.