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Looking For You

From the Album  Silly Old Man

I’ll meet you in a small cafe
On a warm Parisian night
We’ll watch the people passing
Silently from sight
Our touching hands will shadow
From the flickering candlelight
I’ll look into your sparkling eyes
And shiver with delight

I’ve been looking for you everywhere
Through endless lonely nights
Wondering what you look like
And what are your delights
The moment that we meet
We’ll know everything’s alright
I’m looking for you
Looking for you

I’ll meet you on the golden sands
Of a warm Caribbean night
Our hearts will ache as we watch the sun
Fall silently from sight
Our love will beat in time
To the rhythm of the waves
We’ll discover mysteries
From ancient moonlit caves

I’ll meet you in a forest
Beneath the falling leaves
We’ll watch the sun weave silver rays
Through gently swaying trees
Our caresses will be gentle
Our passion will be strong
Our love will haunt that forest
Long after we have gone


For a short period in 1989, I found myself single, and the only thing I could think about was finding love again. Being in a particularly romantic mood at the time, I fantasised about all the possible ways I would meet someone. As it turned out, I met the woman of my dreams in a Quaker house of all places, despite neither of us being Quakers. Not quite “A small café on a warm Parisian night” but close enough for me.