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Living on the Street

From the Album  Special Days


Living on the street, with too tired feet
Looking for a place to live
Living my life one day at a time
Please give what you can give
That cardboard box is mine for the night
Fair and square I won it in a fight
No up one down, no tax no rent
Depreciation, none per cent

Living on the street with too restless feet
Morning’s come at last
I’ve packed my thing one dull old ring
From someone in my past
I’d like to try some delicate food
But half a steak still sure sounds good
Cold or colder, grilled or fried
With something yellow on the side

The road is long
The nights are longer still
Maybe one day
I’ll meet you on this hill

Living on the street with too wet feet
Can’t see my shoes for holes
I’d like to sit but I just don’t fit
Along with these lost souls
You can take your nose down from the air
Say what you want I just don’t care
This is the way I choose to be
I know it ain’t much but at least it’s me


Inspired by the book “Down and out in London and Paris” by George Orwell.