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Little Tin Box

From the Album  The Minstrel

There’s no more money in my little tin box
And five more bills to pay
No more songs in my repertoire
And ten minutes left to play
My girlfriend’s packed her bags and gone
Says she don’t want to sleep on the floor
The fridge is empty; the cupboards are bare
So the cat’s gone to live next door

Higher the bills go higher
Down down down, my spirits go
Round and round the wheel keeps turning
Where it’s gonna stop, no one knows

No more money in my little tin box
And six more bills to pay
If you think it’s funny I got no money
Then turn and walk away
There’s bills to the left of me, bills to the right
Into the valley of debt I go
I’ve got seeds by the million
But nowhere they can grow

No more money in my little tin box
And seven more bills to pay
I’ve walked a thousand miles roads to salvation
And I’m still looking for another way
No more money in my little tin box
And ten more bills to pay
But I got hope and I ain’t no dope
And tomorrow ain’t far away


Tin boxes used to be great for organising your finances back in the days when we could actually touch money. I only ever remember budgeting once in my life. I had different boxes for different outgoings so when the time came to pay a bill, all I had to do was go to the relevant box. It would have been the perfect plan if I didn’t have to put money into the box before I could take it out.