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Jack of What Trade

Song Not Yet Released

There’s a cold wind blowing in this town tonight
There’s evil in the air
Dark eyes burning through the fading light
Fixed in a deadly stare
Hungry eyes filled with unanswered prayer
Can never pick and choose
They take the money with no questions asked
When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose

Jack of what trade, nobody knows
Darkness follows him wherever he goes
A sailor, a surgeon a painter or prince
Leaving a stain of blood that won’t rinse

There was a cold wind blowing in this town last night
One less victim to greet the day
There’s mystery shrouded in careless minds
Leaving the devil to play
What is this darkness that dwells in some
That reason just cannot touch
That is the true mystery of this life
That haunts us all so much


The first line of this song was, “There’s a cold wind blowing in this town tonight,” which immediately took me to London where I grew up. With a line like that, where else would I end up but at Jack The Ripper’s doorstep? While researching this song, I wondered why it was he has received so much notoriety when he only ranks at joint 311th in the serial killer league table. I suppose it is down to the mystery surrounding the case. Nobody has any idea where he lived, how many people he killed or what his trade was.