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I’m A Gambler


She was young and pretty, she came from the city
With fruit spinning in her eyes
She slept by day and made her way
On a diet of beauty and lies
I was only 19, I was rich and green
I believed in everything I heard
You got to understand when she took my hand
The last thing in my mind was words

I never knew what hit me, I lay there in a trance
When I put my chips on her table
You know I never stood a chance

I’m a gambler, that’s what she said
why don’t you come along for the ride
I’m a gambler, I got to warn you now
There’s only winners by my side
I’m a gambler, that’s what she said
You have to take the rough with the smooth
I’m a gambler, put your money down
And ride along in the groove

I was packing plastic it felt fantastic
A country boy and a roulette queen
Now I ain’t lying she had me crying
in the back of my limousine
when we hit that table I wasn’t able
to curb my wild desire
we had a hell of a week before my losing streak
taught me the meaning of perspire

I put my last chip on the red side
I had nothing else to lose
But when your chips are down and the day is done
The only colours you get are the blues