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I’ll Be Here For You

From the album Field of Dreams

If the world could see beyond your smile
Would they see a woman or a child
Alone and scared praying that there’s someone there
Who understands if only for a while

How I wish one day that they could find
What lies behind a troubled mind
But we fire into the dark hoping that we hit the mark
Not knowing if we are cruel or we are kind

I don’t have a magic wand how I wish I did
But I do have a heart to share and will give what I can give
I don’t know what the answer is but this I know is true
If you feel you need a friend, I’ll be here for you

If the world would only understand
How life can change with the turning of a hand
If you’re young or old, shy or bold
We all build our lives on shifting sands

Just remember everything must pass
Today’s pain might just be the last
There are people that care, always someone there
So just reach out behind the looking glass


Someone I know who suffers from depression posted a message on Facebook asking which of her friends were there for her. I had a period of depression myself following a work-related burnout so I know how awful it can be. I really felt for the woman but didn’t know her well enough to give a meaningful response. I could hardly post a comment saying I was there for her when we had hardly ever spoken. However, what she wrote played on my mind, and a year later, I released this song dedicated to her.